Wild at Heart

Wild at Heart ★★★★

Well this certainly lived up to its title. Wild at Heart is a roller-coaster of emotions, fascinating from a film-making standpoint and recklessly entertaining. This movie is crazy in the absolute best way possible.

First up, the leading duo of Laura Dern & Nicolas Cage, who are fantastic. They work very well together, revelling with hilariously over the top dialogue and have a good few scenes to just let loose (and there's nothing better than Nic Cage letting loose his acting chops!). The supporting cast is filled with zany performances, where even smaller roles become memorable (like Jack Nance's very brief role). Willem Dafoe and Diane Ladd are highlights, with some really out there scenes.

Tone-wise it's a cocktail of eccentricity, eeriness and surrealism, so typical Lynch really. It's definitely more eccentric than his other films and there's nothing overtly horror-like, except from a fantastic car crash sequence. The editing employs jarring jump cuts to keep you on your toes and the sound design is really uncanny for the most part. Oh and there's a bunch of undisguised Wizard of Oz parallels and references, because sure why not?

Stopping me from totally loving this film however is the slightly dull stretch when the characters are in the town of 'Big Tuna'. If it wasn't for the scene stealing presence of Willem Dafoe, that sequence would've bordered on being uninteresting, especially after such brilliant pacing until this point.

This was actually quite a blast to watch. Unpredictable at every turn, from the insane opening to the equally insane ending. So much to love, not faultless and definitely not for everyone, but it's my kind of film. Nic Cage also sings in this film (more than once) so it's impossible to hate really, shame on you if you dislike this movie...

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