Burning ★★★★★

Burning continuously borders along the line of being relaxing, to having an atmosphere of impending dread.

The movie throughout has a tone where eventually get tired of guessing what's coming next, you just let the movie tell it's story and let it guide you to where it wants to go. The movie is a dream and you are a participant, watching it magically go by.

While feeling like a dream, the movie looks like one too. The sunsets in this movie, they're so damn beautifully shot. The most breathtaking scene I've seen in some time is where Shin Hai-mi is dancing with the sunset, before breaking into tears. It's wonderful and bleak. The setting and set design of the whole movie is just wonderful to look at.

The plot is simple at first but slowly becomes more layered as it goes on. The introduction of Ben, played oh so charmingly by Steven Yeun sets things into a more subtly chaotic motion. Revealing his hobby and what this means for the other characters. The performances are great throughout, the main 3 characters are absolute standouts and I'm incredibly impressed with Jong-seo Jun's performance. A wonderful individual who has great upset on the inside.

Overall, the movie has little flaws to me. The length lends itself a huge favour, letting it tell the story in a relaxing and drawn manner. Great performances. Great score. Great story.