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Glass Onion ★★★½

My review of 2019s Knives Out stated that it was refreshing to see an all-star cast performing in a one-off stand-alone movie. Obviously, the commercial and critical success of it lead inevitably to this sequel. The only returning character is Daniel Craig's mildly eccentric detective Benoit Blanc, who since the original has become somewhat of a cult character with a rather loyal fanbase.

If Craig's performance in the first film led to head-scratching and nervous chuckles due to its unusual appearance and bizarre delivery of speech. There were questions as to whether Craig wasn't taking the thing very seriously or not. Repeat viewings of the first one confirm that this was all part of the "get me as far away from Bond as you can" plan. This is even more affirmed in this sequel. Craig is superb as an "off-piste" Poirot figure and gives the sort of performance that screams franchise.

The rest of the cast, who if truth be told, perhaps on paper doesn't quite match the marquee names of the first are all in great form and it is great to see the likes of Edward Norton and Janelle Monae revel in the farcical nature of it all.

The film doesn't quite hit the heights of the original, the plot itself is ludicrous even in a film that revels in its preposterousness, but it is never not fun even though the runtime may surprise a few. I watched this on Boxing Day with family who is perhaps not the biggest film fans but they laughed all the way through.

I may write a more detailed review in the coming days, but the turkey sandwiches are beckoning once again, just to say a couple of things. This film is absolutely fine as a piece of entertainment. Nobody involved is taking things too seriously and everyone looks like they are having a wonderful time. Finally, for now, once again Rian Johnson delivers. I think he is a great filmmaker and I for one would be quite happy to see more adventures for Mr Blanc.

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