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  • Portrait of a Lady on Fire
  • Before Sunset
  • Carol
  • 2046

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  • Woman in the Dunes

    Woman in the Dunes


    Why do we spend day after day working off mundane check lists? Why do we restrict ourselves to something - a work, a home, a place - that has no inherent value while the whole world is at your feet?
    And what does it mean to have your freedom stripped away from you? Is your freedom still taken away if you, someday, start liking the cage you're trapped in?

    Woman in the Dunes is a horror story, a love story,…

  • Naked



    The filthy streets of England, occupied by those deemed undesirable. With no morals, no responsibility and no security. Johnny, a quick-witted yet socially inept outcast roams these streets, inhabiting the very filth that surrounds him. On the run after an altercation he sets off to find his ex-girlfriend to win her back after she rejected that life and tried to fit into society.

    But is that filth really only for the life of the outcasts? Or is it a disgusting…

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  • Dinner


    I had the opportunity to make my first written and directed short film. It's far from perfect but there's a lot of stuff in there that I'm quite proud of. On the off chance that some of you might see it, I hope there is some enjoyment to be found for you too!

  • Puss in Boots

    Puss in Boots


    Initially I only watched Puss in Boots as preparation for the acclaimed sequel, but I was pleasantly surprised at how fun it was. It mostly strikes a great balance between childlike fun (let's ignore the undeniable horniness of it all) and an engaging narrative. Only the third act felt somewhat underwhelming that ended on an unsatisfying note.

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  • Portrait of a Lady on Fire

    Portrait of a Lady on Fire


    It's rare to see compassion and love so well translated on screen. An universal feeling we all experience but is so hard to articulate. Portrait of a Lady on Fire does exactly that. It's rare that I felt so engrossed in a movie; thanks to a carefully constructed script and tremendous perfomances (above all Noémie Merlant as Marianne and Adèle Haenel as Héloïse) Portrait of a Lady on Fire completely engulfed me. In every aspect french director Céline Sciamma was…

  • Carol



    I’m utterly in love with Carol. Objectively speaking it’s not perfect (because what is after all?), but I can’t help but feel like this movie, for me, is perfect.
    Mainly because Carol comforts me in a way rarely anything else does. But also, because I feel deeply connected to it; to its depiction of love and how the characters feel so cut out to me.

    “I think. I mean, I wanna ask you things. But I'm not sure that you…