Scream VI

Scream VI ★★★½

"Scream VI doesn't dethrone the top tier Scream movies, yet still manages to refuel franchise enthusiasm. Radio Silence continues their stab-a-thon with another bloodthirsty whodunnit in the name of Ghostface's glory. We're treated to another excellent Scream opening kill and newcomers make their presence known without overshadowing figureheads. Its struggles are with chosen commentary avenues and elements that tie directly into third-act reveals or character reintroductions, which I'm purposefully leaving vague because Scream movies aren't to be spoiled.

Scream VI is slice-happy, super sassy, and challenges modern slashers to be as maliciously murderous — a comfort Scream sequel like a dependable bodega sandwich after a night at the bars. It's not fine Manhattan dining, but damn if it doesn't hit the spot when you need it most."

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