Sunset Boulevard ★★★★★

#10 Billy Wilder

It’s rare for a film to have both a perfect opening as well as a perfect ending but Sunset Boulevard does the double and also fills in the space in between with a knockout film.

A has-been silent movie star lives trapped in the days of old, reminiscing about her great roles and looking for a grand comeback that will make her a star again. A screenwriter out of his luck stumbles into her old mansion and is convinced to edit a script she has written. From that, a bitting satire about the Hollywood system and the idea of stardom and a profound drama about love for an other, for oneself and for the craft emerge as a showcase for the great one-two punch of Wilder’s exquisite writing and direction.

William Holden and Gloria Swanson are superb in conveying the strange relationship between Joe and Norma and their characters’ roles in the struggles between Hollywood’s past and future.

I think narration is used way too often and most times unnecessarily in movies so it was also a breath of fresh air to watch a movie where the narration actually adds to the movie.



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