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  • Ludo



    Ab life ki fitrat hai lena, toh legi ... ab yeh tumpe hai ki munh phulake doge ya daant dikhake
    Translation : It's the habit of life to screw you, so it'll screw you ... now it's up to you whether you'll accept that with a sad face or with a smile showing your teeth

    This movie had the opposite problem of what occurs in such multi plot stories. It was too damn interconnected. This led to the plot going…

  • Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery

    Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery

    I know it's more of an SNL type parody of Bond films, but still, why is this liked so much 🙄

    I am so not a fan.

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  • Guns Akimbo

    Guns Akimbo


    Is this what would have happened to Harry without the much needed grounding that Hermoine provided him with? Discuss.

    An absolute shit show, but quirky fun.
    Just one of those films which you just need to watch and get over with.

    P.S: Petition to rename Nova to Supernova.

  • One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

    One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest


    Party my ass, this ain't no nightclub.

    Is gonna be my go-to line on every occasion as an old man.