The Witch ★★★★½

A great fairytale!

The movie's based on English folktales in about a strictly religious family in the 1630s that encounters forces of evil in the woods near the place they live. The unique setting of early colonial America lends itself perfectly to the slow, tense pace of the film.

The film deals with heavy questions and greatly uses the element of surprise, although the plot is fairly straightforward, it reveals itself with a feeling of inescapable dread. Dread building up from the first scene to the last shot. A slow-burning, subtle and reserved experience that lets you resonate with the characters and really experience the unraveling of their family unit.

It's a pretty slow movie considering other horror movies these days and the film finds its own pace and is dripping in originality and subtle fine performances, basically the exact opposite of most of the output passed off as horror these days. Which was one the reasons to why most people dislike it. In my opinion that's one of its greatest strength.
Another dislike is the fact that this deals with religion and in particular Christianity. They're in the group called Jehovah, if I remember correctly. A lot people don’t like movies about Christianity simply because the characters are Christians. You don't have to agree with the spirituality the characters believe in to agree and/or sympathize. There's a bunch of great films I can name where Christianity is the 'main theme'. This deals with Satan and sinning, the witch has overpowered or taken control over someone because they're a sinner.

This is the kind of horror film I'm always waiting for!