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  • Ponyo



    English dub*

    Disney has got absolutely nothing on Ghibli. While this is admittedly lesser fare from the Studio's most-loved co-founder, Ponyo still manages to balance Miyazaki's fine-tuned, inimitable brand of childlike wonder and astounding, unforgettable visuals in the way only he can. Ethereal and slight, this takes a frothy, wonderfully weird spin on the Little Mermaid fairy-tale and crafts something that has plenty of appeal for all the family. It is adorable, it is the art-form of animation at its…

  • Happy Death Day

    Happy Death Day


    Slashers are done-to-death nowadays (hee haw), but Landon's Groundhog Day meets Scream fusion eschews your expectations of what definitely appears as a brainless and generic slasher flick, constructing something genuinely interesting, well-made and brimming with charm. Happy Death Day is funny, it's engaging, and it is both winningly playful and sometimes, downright unnerving. It's a total blast, and "final (if only) girl" Jessica Rothe is SUPERB.

    Not entirely sure if a sequel was totally warranted or needed by the satisfying…

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  • Moonrise Kingdom

    Moonrise Kingdom


    I adore the medium of film. The fact that anything can happen, in any place, any time period, excites me in a way nothing else can. Of course, there's the stinkers of the movie world, but for every unfortunate event playing out on screen, there's two or three prodigious ones. However, the film world may be dandy and fresh, but there's one thing that has always got on my nerves.

    Whenever a child star portrays a lead character in a…

  • Birdman



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    This is the greatest film I've ever seen. Singin' in the Rain may be insurmountably good, but even with its great musical numbers and the unbeatable Jean Hagen, it still hasn't left a mark on me like Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance) has. Almost an hour after seeing it, I'm still respiring for air, thanks to its exhilarating nature,…