Fight Club

Fight Club ★½

I could say the overused phrase, "I feel like I saw a different movie from everyone else", to describe my feelings towards Fight Club (one of the most revered films of all time) but really - I don't. I just know I hated it. Perhaps I'm an annoying ray of sunshine who can't deal with the gritty, grotesque world that David Fincher depicts in his seminal modern classic or I'm too stupid to deal with the twist or perhaps I just don't appreciate film and I don't deserve to even have a Letterboxd account or yadda yadda - all I know is that I absolutely despised it. Right from the get-go I was bored out of my mind right up till a brief interval (a period of about ten minutes) where I began to dig it but as soon as the Project Mayhem things began I again felt myself returning to a state of endless boredom. I liked the ending (Oh that legendary, almighty twist which my father spoiled 15 minutes in) but my overall feelings toward Fight Club are unfortunately negative. It's not that I like being in this camp alone while 37% of Letterboxdians out of the 60k who've seen this rated it five stars but I do seriously feel like I saw a different movie.

That being said, there are some pros among a sea of cons. The three main stars (Edward Norton, Brad Pitt and Helena Bonham Carter, to a lesser degree) are excellent and David Fincher is a master. But even they can't save this film. Brad Pitt, at times though, is so hottt it's pretty fucking distracting. I can't lie to everyone just because it's the seventy-seventh highest rated film on Letterboxd - I loathed it, I detested it, I execrated it. I'll have to give it another shot just because I can't fathom how a film this good can be so bad. Anyone care to join my camp?

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