Inside Llewyn Davis ★★★

Inside Llewyn Davis, following a week in the life of a narcissistic folk singer whose career, and life, is crumbling down before his very eyes, has all the components of an instant classic. It has marvellous acting (Oscar Isaac's unbelievably likeable portrayal of what is really is the cinematic equivalent of a self-absorbed dickhead), solid direction from masters of film and a great, hum-along soundtrack. It also has a melancholy tone, which in itself is really a big piece of Oscar-bait (which never paid off). However, there's something about The Coen Brothers' eighth directorial feature that puts me off greatly.

Perhaps it's the aforementioned defeatist tone that the film carries that makes it such a drag, though gloomy features have never put me off before. I don't actually know why I'm so put off by this film. Perhaps it will be a documentary, entitled, "Why Doesn't He Like Inside Llewyn Davis?"! I don't know, I overthink things.

But, the one thing I know for sure, you may ask? It's that I was sorely disappointed. Maybe that's why! Oh God, here it goes again...

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