The Nice Guys

The Nice Guys ★★★★½

This film was a blast to watch. Mixing 70s music, a cool buddy vibe, 70s porn, the Detroit auto industry, and offbeat humor, THE NICE GUYS is a winner. It's not perfect (it stumbles a few times), but I'm a sucker for 70s crime flicks and the brilliant Shane Black delivers in spades here as both writer and director. I found myself really laughing hard at a lot of the material and pretty much grinned ear-to-ear during the running time. Also, this film just shows the world that Russell Crowe is about to complete his transition into John Goodman v2.0.

If you like films like INHERENT VICE, KISS KISS BANG BANG, and AMERICAN HUSTLE, you'll probably dig this one, too.

THE NICE GUYS 2, please... Then 3, 4, and 5...