The Green Knight

The Green Knight ★★★★★

i rewatched and i fell even more in love with it. 5 stars from me baby!!

after having seen it once before and now also having read the source material, all of the parts that i felt were unclear or confusing suddenly became clear. 

on a first watch i found the pacing to be choppy, the beginning to be confusing, and some parts downright unintelligible. i'm not saying that you need to read the source material to understand it, but this is definitely a film that gets better each rewatch. and having the background knowledge made me fall in love with the characters and story that much more, and made the whole experience more interesting.

i don't find the film to be an exact replica of the original poem. there are many parts where the film and source material are aligned, but also many where the film deviates. and for me, this actually works better than if there was a more faithful adaption. it allows the director more creative liberty and the ability to introduce new ideas to a 600 year old story. the poem and the film are, to me, different stories with the same characters and themes. i don't find myself enjoying one more than the other; they both have their merits, and it's near impossible to compare a 600 year old poem with a modern film.

this being said, i highly recommend reading the poem if you loved the film. there are a lot of elements and symbolism that are present in the film that are explained more thoroughly in the poem, and i found it very satisfying to learn more about the background behind the film that i so dearly love.

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