20th Century Women ★★★★

20th Century Women is about relinquishing control. Not just as a parent, but as a person, moving through time, interacting with the world and other people in it. You cant control even the people you're closest to, not even if they love you. To quote Viktor Frankl, "the last of the human freedoms - to choose one's attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one's own way." Each of these characters choose their own way and struggle, but ultimately triumph, in accepting each other's choices. It's beautiful to watch.

Annette Bening and Greta Gerwig are wonderful. Billy Crudup is cool too, but didn't get as much play as I'd hoped, considering I like him in other things. The film had it's funny moments, but made more of an effort to be earnest than funny, which I found refreshing. Sometimes laughing a bit less and feeling a bit more is best.