Ant-Man and the Wasp ★★★½

Pretty much on par with the first. Just as many good laughs, exciting Christophe Beck score coupled with great action and how-did-they-film-that fight scenes. And the film overall withstands a second viewing. The issue I have, which is the same as several other marvel entries, is just what they chose to include and focus on.

I think finding Hank’s wife Janet is a good focus, since Ant-Man has been established as a bit more family oriented superhero adventure. And it allows a focus on the quantum realm which seems quite important. But the way they speak about it, with all the fake tech talk, gets obnoxious at some points, and certain things are left unexplained and you just have to kind of roll with suspending your disbelief because.... yep looks like basically anything is possible.... again. 

But my main dislike was towards Ghost’s part of the story. Her acting was too one-dimensionally angsty. Her backstory didn’t evoke any sympathy towards her behavior. It feels like just a repeat of Black Widow origins or Whiplash’s backstory from Iron a Man 2. Laurence Fishburn’s character feels similarly shrugable, but at least he’s more evidence of Hank Pym’s tendency of being difficult to work with. And the other bad guys, who are just more annoying than a real threat, are comical but seem to lack an importance here. Ultimately, there seems to be a lack of grand scale danger here - which isn’t a bad thing considering it’s overwhelming how much the world is in danger in all these Marvel films. That lack of danger does allow for things to be lighthearted and fun, but then again Thor: Ragnarok managed to have both. But perhaps a bit more cohesion overall would’ve made for a super tight film.