Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman ★★★★½

GOSH. So good. I mean, the plot alone had me eager to watch it but the execution was excellent AND it wasn’t quite what i expected. Sure, a femme fatale seeking justice for the rape and death of her best friend, but also much more mercy than I expected. And for me, that elevated it and separates it. It’s not ONLY about letting us feed off the justice/vengeance/vigilantism (though it's a bit of that too). It’s also so sad. So uncomfortable. And so funny. Gosh the mood navigation is flawless. I felt so gutted in some scenes and was laughing so hard in other scenes. And this is a freaking feature debut? Lord have.

So well cast. From Carey fuuuuuucking Mulligan to Bo sawitcoming Burnham to all the bros and bags of douchery to Connie full hearts Taylor, I mean Britton. Laverne Cox! Gosh, just everyone.

I want to watch it again. Mostly just for Carey. I hope this shows up at the Oscars somehow. Do those still happen? Oh yes apparently so. April 25. Nominees March 15.

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