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This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

Glad I had a friend to discuss this with afterwards. Such a trip..

It's hard to talk about this without spoilers, so consider yourself warned.

We talked about the ending and my friend pointed out that this was the same doom that met Prometheus, of Greek mythology (who is referenced in the film), who is punished for bringing fire to mankind/the world from the Gods. We can definitely see the beacon of the lighthouse as the "fire" in this story, and see Robert Pattinson's character as that of Prometheus, considering his attempts to wield the fire at the end, as well as his fate, which is death by birds eating out his gut (how Prometheus also died).

How that ties in to everything else? I don't know.

What was most fascinating was the doubt that you feel as a viewer. Am I watching one crazy person or two? Which of them is it? Is there an unreliable narrator? Which things that I am seeing are based in reality and which are not? Is one character gaslighting the other?

The black & white cinematography paired with fantasy elements, maddening cabin fever, lots of rain, and an unforgettable foghorn create quite the impactful atmosphere.

Other than a reference to Prometheus or a general warning about how men thirst for power and are destroyed by it, I'm not sure what I took away from this. But it held my attention constantly and these two dudes acted their butts off. Nice score too.

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