The Florida Project

The Florida Project ★★★★★

There is only one award this Oscar season that I truly care about, one that I want to be given to the right person for the right reasons. Willem Dafoe should get Best Supporting Actor, plain and simple. Not only because he deserves it for his performance, but because it would ignite more people to watch The Florida Project which, after my first rewatch here, is one of the scant 2017 releases that I feel will truly stay in my heart in the years to come. I love this film in a very dear way, in the same vein as how I felt about American Honey two years ago. I'm in disbelief that Sean Baker managed to capture the pure essence of youth to a T, even with the unfortunate circumstance the kids (and even the adults who inhabit the shoddy motel) have to face; the strong arm of capitalism, of course.

I'm seriously starting to wonder if this is actually my favorite film from last year, and it may very well be the case.

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