Enola Holmes ★★★

I like the idea of passing the baton to new characters in an existing mythology. There are examples in the last decade that have accomplished that brilliantly - Logan and Into the Spiderverse being two great interpretations. 

Episodes 7-9 of the Skywalker Saga, unfortunately, found itself on the opposite spectrum. 

I don't think Enola Holmes finds itself on either end. Millie Bobby Brown is a likeable lead and the character is interesting enough ( I haven't seen her in anything other than Stranger Things ) and I think, for my own sake, it was refreshing to see her play another character and I never really thought about 11 while watching this film.

So kudos to her. It must be difficult to be reduced to one character. 

I must say that  ya fiction is something that I usually indulge in when I need to take a break from the heavy stuff and this movie felt like one from the beginning. A little google search told me that it was, in fact, an adaptation of a ya series. 

The book series might’ve piqued my curiosity more than the movie itself but I’ve read enough ya fiction to know that things are likely to get better in the sequels. 

I think they could’ve done more with the film. The supporting cast was all right. I feel like you can always tell when Henry Cavill is enjoying a roll and when he isn’t. He definitely enjoyed playing Sherlock Holmes. Sam Caiflin is going for the Hugh Grant transition before he becomes as big as Hugh Grant - done playing the nice guy.  Helena Bonham Carter is her usual self even though the role underserves  her talent. 

Typical Netflix watch!