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  • Manhunt


    "whether it's something you should do or don't want to do, do it anyway. whatever job you do, never run from it!"

    what if i dare to say this john woo film is more exhilarating, chaotic, well choreographed, sound design-ed and shot than hard boiled? haha, jk! unless...

  • Antihumanism


    also, an experimental releasing next month 😳

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  • The Forest of Love

    The Forest of Love


    half an hour into the film: tf?
    an hour into the film: wtf?
    two hours into the film: WHAT THE FUCK?
    movies ends: Okay but WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCKKKKKK?

  • Haider



    When I was 16 my mom told me something. It was April of 1999 and Kashmir was in the middle of the Kargil War. Keeping the politics aside it was a year where many militants rose to power and Kashmir was at its peak of protest. Where slogan of azadi (freedom) were raised on the other side there were gunmen infiltrating the army camps and vice versa. The internal war, apart from the ongoing kargil war, was fought brutally by…