Contact ★★★½

To be honest, I was astounded at how interested I was in this. I’m a big fan of anything extraterrestrial, but my concerns were that this might have just been some lame, slow-burn “love is everything” Hollywood cash grab. Thankfully not too much. There’s a lot to chew on and if you’re not a nerd for the unknown then I think you’re likely to tap out within the first half hour. But, sticking through proves to show its passion and ambition. 

There’s a lot of gooey Hollywood™️ bits throughout —namely the bland score, unnecessary kitschy dialogue and a random assortment of characters who hardly provide to the plot — however, the movie adds enough intrigue to let it slide. 

I think the religion v. science concepts are fairly on the nose here but the major focus on technology throughout was a strong vehicle to make that conceptually more thought provoking and open ended. 

Overall, highly exceeded my expectations and was super neat to see something that likely inspired the great sci-fi we see today. 

RIP Carl Sagan

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