Dogtooth ★★★

This movie is cold as ice. Reminded me of Under the Skin with how distancing this feels, regardless of how human its cast may appear. 

There’s a lot of scenes I really, really liked in this but at the same time it feels too awkward in its pacing to ever fully catch its footing. 

I was fascinated by the power dynamics and manipulation that the film establishes, but I can’t help feeling like there’s so much more left to be desired, especially from the ending — although it may be for the better to leave it open ended.

I can’t help but wonder if there were any elements that went over my head, or if it is simply just that this film is so goddamn weird... like, really. It shouldn’t have any right existing, let alone presenting itself in such a personal, brooding light. Maybe that’s what makes it genius? For now I’m not entirely sold.

Lanthimos is 100% one of the most fascinating directors out and about right now and there’s so much to admire from what he puts into his films, regardless of where the enjoyment factor lands. Because, well, each has these elements that seem tough to chew on. It’s like if Wes Anderson got sucked through a black hole and got spit out onto an alien planet... or something... I don’t fucking know man...

Part of me really wants to rewatch this soon but at the same there’s this off-putting, dreamlike quality a film like this paints that makes not want to revisit it. It’s so fucking uncomfortable but there wasn’t a moment I looked away or found myself bored.

I’m either gonna wake up tomorrow and change this to 2-stars or 4-stars, baby, it’s wildcard time.