Gone Girl

Gone Girl ★★★★★

Always a joy to watch. I still remember the prescreening I went to that was loaded with a solid few rows of sorority girls. They signed up for a bad romance revenge. Many did not sign up for a David Fincher film and there were a handful of moments that clearly took them for a loop. Great time. Top tier Pike on a Kidman in To Die For level. Affleck is the perfect realistically doofus foil. Carrie Coon, always a damn treasure. One of the my favorite soundtracks or albums of the last decade. An on point depiction of the media in relation to these stories -- or at least for that time. Ooof, now it would be an arbitress of never ending confusion, conspiracy theories and conflation. I guess we did see potentially a real life version of this and the reaction was kinda that and we all eventually stopped caring.

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