Spectre ★★

Certainly the weakest of the Craig run. Spectre feels like it wants to be too many things. A classical Bond with the humor injected back in slightly. A mystery to (for some reason) give us more Bond backstory plus introduce us to the classic villain Blofeld. A dumbass romance. And finally a spiritual sequel to it's previous massive hit Skyfall. It's pretty widely known it took a lot of dough to get Mendes to come back for this and I think homie just wanted the cash. While there is some large scale action and clever stunt and camera work, the energy from Skyfall feels zapped. It's more paint by numbers and trying to build to something, but feels way too linear throughout. When we do get to the 'reveals' they aren't good. I do like Waltz's Blofeld a little more this time. Other than the unnecessary familial twist, it doesn't feel like there's a lot for him to do.

Normally I really like Lea, but she's written terribly and heading in eight different directions. It's disorienting. Spectre also lacks a great set piece. The best here would be the uber long shot opening. Which ended up being a preview of Mendes' next film. And the intense train fight. Neither were amazing, but they stood out for their specificity and brutality. Now we have to wait for 'No Time to Die' until either next year or MGM cuts an exclusive streaming deal. Apparently it's costing them a million of month delaying it. Which considering MGM is barely a studio anymore - ouch.

Side Note

Does anyone remember that the Bronsan years brought us a ton of solid or better Bond games? For a time it was one of the only movie to game franchises that was good. I don't who holds those licenses anymore, but I gotta say it's depressing as hell that in a year with TWO console releases neither tapped this vein. Seriously Sony or Microsoft could simply tweet the 007 gunsight silhouette with no context and the internet would shit itself guessing what a next gen Bond game would be like. Instead we're given another Halo or God of War or Gears of War or Call of Duty or Assassin's Creed. Who the hell cares.

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