The Green Knight

The Green Knight ★★★★½

Back in the spring I set upon a long winded marathon of fantasy films. Ranging from silent era Dante's Inferno to John Millius' Conan to Darren Aronofsky's The Fountain and Noah. The goal was to figure out what about this popular genre was attractive to me and what kept me from fully embracing it. By the end I still didn't quite fucking get it. Then months later it just sorta hit me out of the blue. What made any of these worthwhile boiled down to how totalizing the world it presents felt. Not necessarily how designed or massive it looked. Or how many fantasy words and creatures were in it. But for detail and emotion. The Green Knight happily checked many of those boxes, but also left me in a slight haze. There's a tone I didn't expect from this.

A willingness to really let the image and the mood take over in place of a more involved plot. Simple, dynamic and bold. Sure it would be A24 to be a place to allow a large scoped, yet intimate and stunningly detailed fantasy film to be made and on the cheap. One of the best scores of the year hands down. Patel rules the screen. It has an insane supporting crew I wasn't even aware was until the damn movie started. It takes chances. Plays to a slower pace while being a genuine adventure film, but not an action film. And isn't afraid to get a lil trippy and horny. Y'all know what I'm talkin' about!

Between this and Pig and to a lesser extent even Old, it has been nice to see off-kilter movies in a theater again. Ultimately this may live and die by it's tone for folks. Don't go in expecting A24s Game of Thrones. Think more folklore. Think more jizz.

Side Note

Excellent double feature idea: A Field in England & The Green Knight. You ready to blast off?! Got three extra hours?! Toss in The Last Temptation of Christ afterwards.

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