Us ★★★★

Much like Get Out there will be a slow roll out of theories about 'the meaning' or does it add it etc. A billion 'ending explained' videos. Granted it's warranted this time. Clearly Peele wasn't content playing it particularly safe nor making a "Get Out 2: Get Outter". Instead we get a surprisingly dark, funny, visually striking full blown Twilight Zone. Littered with nods and clever sleights not unlike his prior film.

Luptia catapults herself into horror in a way an Oscar winner hasn't done in years and tears up the screen scene after scene. I think this could and SHOULD become a thing. Winston Duke gets to be the comic relief for the most part, but works well. 'Us' is still well within the blumhouse framework, however Peele and team certainly have stepped out of the pack as a distinctive creative power. There's a lot of ways this movie could have gone, but 'Us' in some ways, even for as much fun as it has does come with a challenge. A mystery and unfolding that requires some following. A very British horror film score (among the best scores this year). There really is a wealth of iconography throughout.

It will, undoubtedly be compared to Get Out. It's not it. Never was gonna be either. Us is a very different beast, that like a great second film has that familiar vibe of the artist. Jordan Peele made a strong punch with Get Out and with Us he crafts a new type of thriller, using pieces we should know, but have been rendered unrecognizable. What sells it is the conviction of the performers and proper touch of the artists.

This one will be interesting to revisit.

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