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  • Subarnarekha



    Ghatak in his last film of the partition trilogy made us fully aware that we haven't even got a dot of freedom; the same blind beliefs, attitudes, selfishness, greed, prejudice, casteism, superstition, all are there.....it's just all pretentiousness and hoax. I feel like I have more to say but I just can't, it's just good to experience this piece of art and just have a moment of silence over this forgotten history of pain and sorrow.

    Even though the print is very bad, I wish people shall watch this film more, and all Ghatak films generally.

  • Nainsukh



    the Painter gazes, the camera gazes and the audience gazes. I don't have words to describe the experience!!!

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  • Satantango



    I don't know what to say other than that this was a marvellous work of art. Mood and atmosphere was always an element for tarr's film, here he transcends that to a whole new ethereal reality. To a form of reality and cinema where forms, actions, feelings, sensation, gestures, emotions, time and space connect to create pure cinematic form and art.

    "...I have now moved to a pure form, pure cinema" - Bela Tarr

  • Sherni



    The cinema of questions.

    There are no major dramatic points, or twists, or action. Conflicts and contradictions are there, but the narrative is subtle that you hardly notice, realising it afterwards. While this is a great achievement in its storytelling, what I missed is the cinematic elements. The camera is flowing all over the place, the look and feel are the same as the other ott regulated content. But, like many great films, it has given the viewer's something after they left the seats (the desktop/mobile screen here). Which is quite rare in Indian Cinema.