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This review may contain spoilers.

As of October 23, 2019, this is my favorite movie of the year.
This movie spoke to me like no movie ever has, and for many reasons.

1) The score. Holy sh*t was the score beautiful. Especially in the final scene of the fire temple.

2) The aesthetic of the film. This was a disturbing psychedelic thriller that took place in bright, bright daylight. This makes it unique and different.

3) The horror. This isn't your typical ghost movie, monster movie, or haunted house movie. It was unlike anything I've ever seen. How the group of friends were tricked into being sacrifices, and how Ari Aster (the writer and director) conveys this horror to us. It's disturbing, and not just disturbing in the sense of torture like in most horror films, but for things like period blood and pubic hair being put into food. Not to mention, the beautiful cinematic displays of the cult leaders falling to their deaths.

4) clever writing. The foreshadowing by Aster can go unnoticed, but it's there. (i.e. "were gonna get some swedish chicks pregnant", and then... yeah, you know what happened).

5) the cinematography. It's A24, don't have to say much more.

6) the ending. Everyone hates the ending. Weird as hell to me. The ending is such a juxtaposition as it is both beautiful and horrifying, and speaks to how once you're in a cult, you don't recognize the cult's actions for being wrong. Yes, as Aster said, this is a breakup film. Christian and his friends burning at the end signify the stressful bits of Dani's life exiting her and right there to replace them is a welcoming family. The uplifting music further conveys the idea of beauty in all of this. However, what's really going on here? Half the sacrifices are burning alive, and the other half are already dead, mangled into different shaped with their body parts. Horrifying. But the cult has now convinced Dani that this is her family, and she is detached from the society that would have shunned these practices.

This movie made almost made me tear up in how beautiful it was the second time I saw it, and nobody I know says its their favorite of the year. Unpopular opinion I guess, but I could watch this for ages.

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