Pig ★★★★

​Ultimately a loving ode to food's ability to help us communicate, connect, and grieve. What an act of love it is to make a meal for another person. To use your own hands to nourish them, whether you are skilled or not. It's an anti-John Wick, with tenderness and compassion and common ground with those who do you wrong, learning to look into the formative moments of one's past with fondness instead of anger.

I loved that the city of Portland is shot with just as much love as the woods of the PacNW. I loved the subtlety, a lot of debuts assume the viewer needs everything spelled out for them and Pig trusts its audience to understand early that this isn't some #Cagerage meme shit and to be perfectly happy with that. He isn't proving that he's still got it exactly, as many dorks are saying, because anyone who has been paying any attention to him is already well aware, but it's nice to see Cage do something understated every once in a while. Alex Wolff is fantastic too, I was really touched by the growing friendship between these two men caught in a state of suspended heartbreak, waiting for permission to mourn.

Just very lovely!

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