Prey ★★★★

Movie’s great. Exactly the kind of action/horror business that should have done well in theaters. Franchise entries that feel like real movies are rare enough as it is that it sucks this was dumped onto streaming like it’s The Kissing Booth 2 or whatever, but oh well.

Testament to the film that I can watch it at home without getting distracted. Tight, thrilling, with an affecting emotional arc, a very good dog, and a new worthy addition to the final girls club. Drawing a parallel between the Predator showing up out of nowhere, with its unthinkable technology and destroying everything in its path just for violence’s sake, with the white colonizers we meet in the back half is inspired. Dan Trachtenberg please do not make us wait another 6 years for your next “unnecessary” but fuckin sick franchise installment.

If there’s any quibble I have it’s some iffy CGI. Who decided that digital blood needs to look so black? There’s a kill in this where a guy gets literally shredded to pieces and you can barely make out any of the viscera. Let it be gross or don’t but don’t try to have it both ways! I don’t know if it was a budget thing or a lazy ‘we’ll do it in post’ situation but having at least some of the gore practical would have made this nearly flawless.

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