The Eyes of Tammy Faye

The Eyes of Tammy Faye ★★★½

Only knew the basics about Tammy Faye prior to watching this, but my excitement for the film outweighed my enjoyment nonetheless. Although there are definitely some stand-out scenes here, particularly visually, The Eyes of Tammy Faye is largely presented as a typical biopic and falls into a lot of the same pitfalls that other by-the-books biopics do. It somehow feels simultaneously overlong and overstuffed, trying to capture the entirety of Tammy Faye’s life while still leaving room for the self-made scandal that ruined her and her husband’s lives and reputations. 

The musical montages are probably the most fun scenes visually and, paired with the film’s use of color and costuming, help to set the film apart from other biopics like it even when the narrative writing falters. Jessica Chastain is also pretty good at creating a three dimensional character in the title role, although my lack of knowledge on the subject means I’m not sure how true to life the portrayal was. 

All and all a decent film that has a good chance at being successful Oscar bait, but which could have been better in its narrative execution. Had no idea that this was directly based on a documentary of the same name until the opening credits, but I might check it out before the year is up.

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