20th Century Women

20th Century Women ★★★★

Part of my Most Overlooked Movies By Year Challenge.

I'm not going to lie: the set-up and structure for the movie sort of threw me for a loop. I couldn't tell if I loved it or hated it. Maybe I loved it because it felt like something new--a different way of capturing a timeless sensation or evoke the sense of nostalgia when examining memories. Maybe I also hated it because the construction intermixed with the present-day narration seemed to keep me detracted from our characters. But also maybe that's part of the point? I'm not sure on that yet and I'll have to rewatch it to see how much sticks.

But what I do know is Greta Gerwig is the knockout? Everytime the story seemed to be getting a bit cloudy or a bit slow, suddenly Greta appeared and brought everything back on track. I think every movie I've reviewed that she's been in I've made the particular effort to give her a shout-out because it's true:

But can we just talk about the final scene? Yeah, yeah I like airplanes more than your average user, but the last scene was my absolute favorite from anything I've seen in the past year.

Old Biplane heads down the runway before lifting into the air. Dorothea appears happy and free.

I’ll try to explain to him what his
grandmother was like - but it will
be impossible.

I have no idea how I feel overall but that last scene alone makes me understand this is something special.

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