Chungking Express ★★★★★

Alright so...
Not to be dramatic.
NOT to be dramatic.
NOT TO BE dramatic.

How could anyone give this film less than 5 stars based off of Brigitte Lin's blonde wig? I don't think you could convey a better mob-boss baller bad ass independent icon queen then through that wig + glasses + lipstick + trench coat combo.

WKW is perhaps the most expressive director I've watched. Between Chungking Express, Happy Together, and In The Mood For Love, all three of his movies I've seen thus far really give you all the surface visuals associated with a person in their own isolated, melancholy state.

I want to see these in a double feature but I'm worried that would only result in exploiting my crippling fear of being alone and misunderstood and adrift in life aka just me being cute!

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