Suspiria ★★★★½

How did it feel to dance Volk today in front of the one who made it?

It felt like what I think it must feel like to fuck.
Do you mean fuck a man?


I watched this last night.
I almost threw up my entire guts.
The ending is some phantasmagoria mixed in with plain-and-simple gore. I don't think anyone other than John Carpenter came to mind the entire time I was watching the final 30 minutes.
Dakota is next level.
Tilda is even more next level.
This is basically everything American Horror Story: Coven could have been (minus the Surprise, Bitch!....that deserves to stay just as it is).
And what the hell did I do after watching this?
Fell asleep, had demonic nightmares, went on a walk this morning then rewatched the whole thing after lunch.
My mind is more twisted up than Olga at this point.
I have nothing to contribute that hasn't been said other than Luca + Tilda + Dakota projects need to continue!

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