The Double Life of Véronique

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This review may contain spoilers.

First thing's first, this movie is one of the most visually appetizing movies I've ever seen. Not a single comment or review is out of place in telling you the cinematography and score for this film work so beautifully together, plopping the viewer into a 90 minute dream-like sequence.

The central thesis of the film, at least for me, is something I've never really spent time contemplating. To feel like your life is somehow intertwined with a complete stranger's life. And so for me to really connect with Veronique and her doppelganger, I needed a little more connection than what the film was willing to offer, making it hard for me to relate or understand the feelings Veronique was feeling, especially towards the ending of the film when she understands the truth behind her doppleganger.

Regardless, the film is superb. Perhaps years from now, it will be something I can connect with more.

As a side remark, the concert / death scene is arguably one of the most impressive scenes in cinema!!!

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