Lightyear ★★★½

Did to go in expecting this to be part of, or on par with the Toy Story films is the biggest mistake you can make. 

As for a fun sci-fi adventure, Lightyear provides a lot stunning visuals and inventive sequences, that can often be derivative, still work for the more grounded and realistic tone of the film.

The characters are fun and bold, with almost all of them having the mannerisms and attention to detail that made the original 2D Disney films so memorable.

With great voice work, and great sound and designs, Lightyear might not hit on all the dramatic notes it could (making a few leaps story wise), and certainly could be more ambitious, but ultimately a mid tier Pixar film is still top tier animation.

The gags are fun, and the story is entertaining, you might just not be rushing to see it a second time at home.