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This review may contain spoilers.

- What's a waste?
- What?

- What's a waste?

- Do you think she's a child? You think she doesn't know anything?

- But we value her so much, it seems a waste.

- Everyone chooses the life they want. You think she's a child? If she chose her path and she's happy, we should respect that. A waste? You know what that word implies? It means she's doing something wrong, or living the wrong way. How can you say that to a grown person? She's not in elementary school. Do you love her life more than she does? Or do you know more about life? Are you wiser? You don't know your place.

- So that's how you feel.

- Everyone wants to realize their life in their own way. Not everyone cares about money. You should acknowledge that. A waste? Just try not to waste your own lives.

- It's waste because we value her. She's still young. She's young but she's not using her talent.

- But what's she wasting, exactly? Should she keep shooting big commercial films to not waste her life? Would that satisfy you?

- Life's so short. You shouldn't miss your chance. Everyone has their limit. You know that old saying? “don't waste your chance.” So that word just popped out.


★ Scene of the year, for me.

Hong Sangsoo continues to paint his stories of coincidences and reincarnations in monochrome (Virgin Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors, The Day He Arrives, The Day After, Grass, Hotel by the River, Introduction and now, The Novelist’s film.)

The heart of The Novelist’s film feels like a love-note to Kim Min-hee by Hong Sangsoo — spun around male mediocrity, female friendships, and the high for cinema. Here Hong self critiques his changing approach to filmmaking and the purpose of real connections over table meets, park sessions, tteok-bokki, and makgeolli. This one, truly original and hilarious, will be a strong contender at the best films of the year listing, 2022!

The Essential Hong Sangsoo Oeuvre — Ranked.

P.S : JUST. CAN'T. WAIT. TO. REVISIT. THIS. AT. CINEMAS. See you soon, December.