All Quiet on the Western Front

All Quiet on the Western Front ★★★½

Look, this is undoubtedly a good movie, but I was slightly underwhelmed by what this film had to offer compared to what it started out with. The war scenes are extraordinarily well done, the characters are really well developed and the performances are genuinely great. The pacing was great and kept me engaged throughout, even in the smaller character moments, and I liked the contrast between the negotiation scenes with Daniel Bruhl and the scenes on the front line. Where my disappointment in certain elements arises is in how the movie sets itself up to be more about propaganda and the myth of war, yet doesn't focus on that enough in favour of having war action scenes. Now these scenes are really well done, but the film set itself up to have a bit more to it than it ended up having. That and the score is ungodly annoying - if it wins original score at the Oscars I'll be so annoyed. Overall, it is a good movie, but it wouldn't be my pick to win best picture, and I hope Everything Everywhere or Banshees can pull ahead of this in the weeks to come.

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