Upgrade ★★★★½

Score: 85%

Back in July 2020, I watched the Luc Besson film 'Lucy' and I really didn't like it. The plot was nonsensical and empty, the characters got next to no development, the editing in of random footage felt really out of place and it felt very unfocused thematically. I guess what I'm trying to say is that this is everything Lucy should have been and more.

I genuinely loved every second of this. First of all, I have to talk about how well the characters are developed. I managed to legitimately care about this guy and him wanting revenge for his wife's death. The action is genuinely fantastic - it felt very Kingsman esque, but I arguably enjoyed it more here. The production design really helped to immerse me in this era and the performances were all really impressive. The story was well developed and explored its ideas way better than the aforementioned Lucy. It very much feels like a sci-fi version of John Wick but with more focus on the story, which initially seems like a simple revenge story but develops into so much more. It is a bit cheesy at times and some of the dialogue isn't the best, but overall I just really, really loved and enjoyed this, and I would definitely, definitely recommend it.

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