Spotlight ★★★★★

Spotlight is one of a film I personally don’t want it to end. The film is potentially good that I could watch it without any concern about time being.

A news investigation sector in Boston dug up and scrutinised about child molester cases by catholic priests. This is a well pace story. Everything makes us wanting to follow every details they have like we were also their investigators. The way they majorly focused on the news departments and the processes to creat one story from scratch is the rightful way to make the movie about journalists. It is the film they journalists are all deserved. It is the film people who read their news deserved to understand how they do their job.

There are several details I love in this movie. But personally the most impactful one is at nearly the ending when the story was published then Sacha’s nanny was reading it and people were phoning up to Spotlight unit continuously. Why is it so impactful? Because in general, movies represent closing cases or blowing up stories by having a scene where a news reporter reports the story on TV. But in this case, it is different. Spotlight represents the breaking out by focusing on people. News has an enormous impact on a person who reads them both positively or negatively. It can change their view or even enlighten them. Sometimes it creat a chain reaction and social awakening from a single piece of little article in a newspaper’s page. Those are the side we hardly see from movies about media and journalism. The people, the audience, the reader’s side.
That’s why seeing a religious person reading the article and being shocked and losing faith and seeing people calling to the department are very fulfilling. 

Like I said this film really stays in the line to focus on their work behind the journalists but
another element that makes this work so interesting and full is ‘a power dynamic.’ It can be called ‘politics’ but for me power dynamic has more boarder frame to it. Without a struggle to get documents and information, without a pressure from the team, without a tension relationship with a friend, without a negotiation with the church, the film will turn into a documentary instead of a movie. I love that they show this side of the story to us. And I noticed one thing that throughout the film, the Church didn’t have a single role and sentence but I still felt its presence of pressure upon the Spotlight team. I think it imply to the base of this story about “everyone knows what happened.” We know churches have practises like this, we know the issue is not solved yet, we know what is going on. So instead of inserting the role of the church directly, they decided not to and let our brains and thoughts do their job indirectly towards the whole scandal. 

I could write a longer review but this is long enough for me to type. At last, I love journalism. I admire good journalists. This movie really captured their presence realistically than any other movies I watched and watching this makes me want to do one great thing to the world like them including being a journalist in the future.

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