Aliens ★½

Holy fuck, how is this so well liked? I want someone to provide me with one real redeeming quality this movie has. I am convinced there are none, other than the fact Sigourney Weaver is in it (which is why this isn’t one star,) like this is a horrible movie.

I cringed every time one of the characters opened their mouth. I cringed at the terrible shot action scenes where you can’t see shit because the camerawork is so bad and the lighting is so terrible. I cringed every time I saw an incredible logical fallacy (people getting exposed to space without a spacesuit on and not dying of lack of oxygen or not freezing,) I cringed every time one of those so called “marines” fired their gun wildly from the hip not hitting shit while screaming like Rambo. 

The plot is absolutely shitty. Maybe I didn’t hear the important things because the sound mixing was so terrible. What are anyone’s motives? Why are they even on the planet? What is the damn point of the entire story? Half of the plot could’ve been avoided if the characters weren’t so damn stupid. It genuinely seemed like the government just picked up a bunch of homeless people off the street and gave them guns and told them “go fight aliens or some shit, you’re marines!” while not giving them any training at all. Half of the movie felt like a rip off of full metal jacket lmao.

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