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This review may contain spoilers.

Part of the journey is the end.

To say that Avengers Endgame is simply a good movie, would almost entirely be an understatement, because this film is so much more then anything we as Marvel fans have witnessed before in the mcu up until this point.

It’s not just an experience, it’s the end, the culmination of eleven years of Marvel movies, but also the characters we have watched grow over these years. Particularly Tony, and Cap, who get more depth and characterization then ever before as we get to see their arc’s finally come to a close in one epic and emotional send off that was perfect for both of their characters for different reasons. Because while Tony, the one who has gotten the chance to enjoy life a lot, (and I mean a lot) Steve never had a happy life, he went into the ice as a soldier serving his country, and came out remaining as such, so his ending was not only perfect, as he got to live the life he wanted, but felt well deserved, whereas Tony needed that heroic sacrifice to really have his arc come full circle in the end, as he laid his life on the line one last time, proving 
just how much of a hero he truly was. 

As for the story I thought it was handled very well, especially since it revolves around time travel, a concept that can usually make a movie feel overstuffed and bloated, however the Russos pulled it off excellently, never using it as the main crutch of the film, and letting the characters take center stage instead. 

Mainly after the Avengers kill Thanos and we get the five year time jump during the first fifteen to twenty minutes which was shocking to say the least, and afterwards made for some amazing character development as we got to see how the remaining members of the team try to cope and accept the life and world they must now live in. Namely Natasha, who as we see early on in the film really feels the effects of Thanos’s snap, and can’t move on like Steve, Tony, and Bruce have over the five years since the Decimation. Same with Clint who we see as someone that’s broken by grief and vengeance after losing his family. So by having these two characters share the same feelings of loss and despair, two characters who unlike the other members of the team, can’t accept this new reality of theirs, and will do whatever it takes to bring everything back from before the devastating events of the snap for the greater good, including giving their life, which leads us to possibly one of the saddest moments of the film, Black Widow’s death. A scene that was as surprising as it was tragic in nearly every way, and even though she was never one of my absolute favorites of the original team, her sacrifice really hit me emotionally, making it one of if not the best scene of the film other then the final battle which I will go into in a bit. I also thought that Hulk and Big Lebowski Thor were hilarious, especially the latter who continues to show that he is a comedic genius, much of which is brought by Hensworth who is phenomenal in this role, something that before seeing Ragnorok I never thought I would be saying.

The acting as well is amazing, and every single cast member does an exceptional job portraying their characters with both incredible emotion and charisma. And honestly I can’t pick one standout of the film because every one of the original six Avengers are excellent in this. Robert Downey Jr, Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo, Scarlett Johansson, and even Jeremy Renner all give spectacular performances and were really the backbone of not just this movie, but the entire mcu, and I can’t help but cite this as one of their greatest performances to date. All in all phenomenal acting by this ensemble of  great and immensely talented actors and actresses who really give it their all in this Endgame. 

Now instead of being like most of the installments in the franchise, Avengers Endgame doesn’t focus on big blockbuster action until almost the very end and like I mentioned before, lets it’s characters get developed enough so that when the punches start throwing and the explosions begin to go off the audience feels more emotionally invested in the characters and what’s at stake and taking place then ever before due to the time they spent with said characters before the climatic battle, which is something the Russo Brothers understand. And speaking of the final battle, there’s no other way to really put it other then it’s fucking epic, and is easily the best action sequence we’ve seen in the mcu so far. It is just so damn satisfying for so many different reasons, as well as being fantastically shot and directed. I mean Captain America wields Mjolnir while battling Thanos! We finally get the iconic Avengers assemble line spoken! Thanos gets what he deserves... again! Tony uses the Infinity Gauntlet and not only turns the rest of Thanos’s army to dust, but also speaks his final words, “I am Iron Man!”,
along with so many more moments peppered throughout this final fight scene. Moments where I thought that it was the greatest thing in the world to be a Marvel fan experiencing and witnessing the end of all of this.

Look I honestly can’t praise this film enough, it did so many things right, it surpassed every one of my expectations I had before seeing it, it made me cheer, it made me laugh, it made me cry, it was extraordinary as both a film, and an experience, one that I will never forget. And though I have some minor nit picks with the time travel aspects and some plot holes that are to be found with it, this is a near perfect and flawless movie that is without a doubt the best film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It has been amazing to be able to go on this journey for eleven years as I got to know and care about these great characters over the course of twenty two movies. The mcu has been such a huge part of my life, and saying goodbye to these characters is hard, however I eagerly await and welcome any future Installments in possibly one of the greatest cinematic achievements of all time! 

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