Heat ★★★★★

The blueprint for what at least feels like hundreds of inferior copycats that were to follow. Started reading Mann's literary "Heat" sequel, so I figured a rewatch was in order. Call it fan-fic, call it what you will, but the attention Mann and co-writer Meg Gardiner have languished on the emotional lives of these people only deepens by bottomless appreciation for this masterpiece. These are fabricated archetypes who nevertheless feel as though they have rich inner lives that extend far beyond the page, the screen, the limits of the fictional mediums they occupy. At the risk of sounding hyperbolic, I really do feel like, in 20 or so years (if movies are still valued at all by that point, lol) that this will be thought of in the same breath as something like "The Godfather," if it's not already. Just perfection.

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