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  • The Equalizer

    The Equalizer


    Denzel Washington is a retired Black Ops commando living a quiet life in Boston. He befriends young call girl Chloe Grace Moretz, and comes out of retirement to take vengeance on her pimp who brutalized her. This makes him the target of a Russian mob fixer. This is pretty good action thriller that suffers from being way too long. The first and last act are really strong, which leaves over an hour in the middle that kind of drags. This should be a nice, compact hour and a half.

  • Lucy



    Scarlett Johansson is forced into becoming a drug mule when Taiwanese gangsters surgically implant a large bag of a new synthetic drug into her abdomen. When the bag leaks, the drug causes Johansson to unlock the unused portions of her brain and develop a series of incredible powers. This is a really dumb film. It's not that it relies on that hoary idiocy that we only use a tiny portion of her brains, it doesn't just make her smarter and…

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  • American Graffiti

    American Graffiti


    This is George Lucas' best film. I fully believe he feels this way himself since it's also the one film he hasn't felt the need to tamper with in any way. It's the film that demonstrates that he is capable of writing well-drawn characters and relating human stories in a manner that people can care about. This is clearly his most personal film, so perhaps that's why he can relate it to the audience in human terms. Additionally, it's quite an experimental film in it's own way. The soundtrack in particular is revolutionary for its time.

  • Brother Sun, Sister Moon

    Brother Sun, Sister Moon


    In one sense I really think this movie is a little indefensible. It's so earnest and guileless in it's counter-culture portrayal of St. Francis that it should fail completely ... especially with a score by Donovan for heaven's sake. It's a very superficial treatment of quite a serious subject. However, there's something about the stunning painterly cinematography and meditative pace of the film that really works for me, although I'm quietly kicking myself for being taken in the whole time I'm watching it.