Jojo Rabbit

Jojo Rabbit ★★★½

"We were just Heil Hitlering each other."

We need more movies like this. We need more movies that poke fun at taboo topics in modern society. We need movies about serious topics shown through the eyes of corrupted innocence.

Jojo Rabbit is very funny at first, but the novelty of it all wears off shortly after we meet Elsa, the Jewish girl hidden away from the Nazis. After that, the film gets really serious and sad, prioritizing preachiness over entertainment. This isn't a bad thing, I was just hoping for more of the genius writing in the first part. On the plus side, the acting is fantastic, especially from young Jojo.

There are some good lines throughout, but they feel thrown away very quickly after the film gets going. I understand the value of this kind of filmmaking, but I'm just not 100% impressed enough to jump on the bandwagon yet. 7.5/10

I was SO hoping for a Christoph Waltz cameo.

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