Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat ★½

I get I’m not the target market as someone who’s not knowledgeable of the lore but this can’t be what constitutes ‘solid, fun blockbuster entertainment’, like, seriously? So painfully lifeless and boring that I swear it couldn’t have been conceived by living, breathing humans. This is the definition a committee movie, or just one made by people who don’t care. The action’s got spots of decency but it’s largely boring and the story is your usual bloodline bullshit we’ve seen crapped out approximately 14,634 times. You’d think a director with a history of commercial directing (like Fincher, Bay, Snyder etc.) would be a good image maker, but no. Aside from Lawson—who should see a chiropractor after carrying this—this has one of the most uncharismatic casts in the last five years. Tan is a brick wall, just… so dull. I swear that if this came out in the middle of a packed year and not just after a pandemic it would’ve been shunned. For Mortal Kombat, it isn’t even gleefully goofy. Seeing James Wan’s name on this hurt.

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