Spider-Man: Far From Home

Spider-Man: Far From Home ★★★

It was very solid even though I’m weirdly disappointed because of how it lacked in personal stakes and emotion even more than Homecoming did. Gyllenhaal is a blast to watch even though his and Peter’s relationship felt very rushed. There’s one standout sequence but it’s not really a ‘Spider-Man’ sequence. I need to rest on it more. The mid credits scene set up something that I’m really not on board with yet, and it should’ve been the actual end of the movie. I wish these Spider-Man movies would try to be as good as Spider-Man 2. It may improve on rewatch but I’m a tad let down even though it was a breezily fun time™. Also, why was JB Smoove in this movie? He’s an absolute dead weight of a character, Martin Starr provided enough goodness on his own.

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