Tenet ★★★★

What goes inside Christopher Nolan’s brain is the question I had after watching Tenet. I’d argue it’s his most complicated film on a pure story level, even more so than Inception and Interstellar. Even after I left and was excitedly discussing every nuance with my friends, I had to check myself. I’m confident I’ll be rewarded for multiple watches but I can’t say I grasped every beat of this story. I can’t put it in my top five of his filmography right at this moment. It’s not as emotional experience as many other Nolan films are. If you’re coming in trying to get deep characterisation, you’re not going to get it, it’s a spy adventure on psychedelics first and foremost. There’s specific set pieces in this, especially the grand third act, which had me wondering how on earth it was conceived and executed. John David Washington and a fantastic Robert Pattinson are as suave as ever, but Elizabeth Debicki might just give my favourite performance in the film despite a slightly underwritten character. She continues to be one of the brightest upcoming stars. I’m sure this’ll cop heat for being too complicated and self-indulgent (which I understand), but no one is creating high-concept blockbuster entertainment like Nolan is. It’s not even in his best, and the film is certainly flawed, but you can’t argue that he’s not stretching himself (even if the tiniest bit too far). When Washington’s character says ‘woah’ in the trailer, you bet I had that reaction multiple times throughout.

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