Eternals ★★★★½

“If you love something, you protect it.” This film is directed by Academy Award Winner Chloé Zhao and it deals with the topic of humanity and our morals. Eternals has been very divisive with critics who have grown accustomed to the standard MCU formula with the jokes and quips every five seconds (it’s true). Chloé is tasked with introducing us to these several new characters and overall it is well done. It felt so refreshing to see an MCU film not heavily relying on jokes to tell a story but for it to be strictly character-driven. The action is limited surprisingly enough but when the action takes place, it is amazing. The on location shooting brought this film to life even more. The performances are top tier and truly emotional. My only flaw with the film overall was the uneven screentimes that some of the characters had and not enough development with some overall. The cinematography and score is absolutely beautiful. This is easily my favorite MCU film because it doesn’t feel like an MCU film. There’s more positives than negatives. The LGBT representation is utterly beautiful, it felt amazing to be seen on screen properly and not forced. I truly loved this film. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND watching Chloé Zhao’s Eternals in theaters now.

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