Shin Godzilla

Shin Godzilla ★★★★

This movie reinvented Godzilla in all the best ways for a new generation, for victims of new threats and fears and disasters. It's a Japanese film very much concerned with critiquing Japan where it has failed and fumbled, but in celebrating it where it has succeeded and picked itself back up (and there's some sweet digs at the gung-ho USA). For a film about a gigantic (him big!! him BIG!!!!), merciless, heartless monster that has become cultural shorthand for atomic destruction, Shin Godzilla is optimistic. And it inspires you. The military plays a huge role in this movie, but no so much to shoot and bomb (as that quickly proves ineffective), but to mobilize and escort and save (which proves to be most viable). Gimme more of that shit please.

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